Western Massachusetts Photographer: Jennifer Rose Photography


My story is simple. After the birth of my twin daughters, I began to realize that each moment is truly precious. Just like snowflakes, no two moments are alike. I want to capture my children's laughter, tears, silly moments, and awkward stages. I cannot allow for their memories to be forgotten from one year to the next. Photography gives us the gift to journey back to a moment and to reflect on our feelings, emotions, and life experiences. Children's portraiture allows for us to revisit the meaning of innocence and true beauty.

I have been mentored by a professional documentary wedding photographer as well as various contemporary children's portraiture artists. In addition, I have taken courses offered by Matthew Lee Kees to develop my photography skills. I am constantly learning more and more about photography through exploration and experience. The artwork presented by Western Massachusetts Photographer Robert Charles (Robert Charles Photography) has been a true inspiration to me.

As a mother and educator, I am gentle with children and strive to have them feel relaxed in my presence. Allowing the children to come to my portrait session to dance in their mismatched polka-dotted outfits or to dig their new dump trucks into Earth's soil is what this all about. The beauty of each child will be captured by their very essence. The artwork will hold true to each child's spirit and individuality.

Located in Western Massachusetts, I am enjoying the opportunity to meet and photograph many people in Berkshire County, Franklin County, Hampshire County, and Hampden County. The beauty that surrounds us here in Western Massachusetts is devine.

You are like a rose.
Such a beautiful creation.

Your Life is Beautiful.
It Must be Remembered.