Quiz: What’s Your Personal Wedding Photography Style?

Quiz: What’s Your Personal Wedding Photography Style?

Quiz: What’s Your Personal Wedding Photography Style?

The experiences, outlook, views, and style of your photographer can drastically change the look and feel of your photographs.

How do you find a photographer who understands your style and your needs? Well, first YOU need to understand your style. Hiring the right photography specialist for your wedding will ensure you are happy with the style, look, and feel of your photos for years to come.

Take this fun quiz to find out your Style!

1) The images that interest you the most can be found:
A. In the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery
B. Time Magazine, Newsweek, etc
C. Rolling Stone magazine. Or that ‘Zine your friend makes.
D. Vogue magazine
E. Martha Stewart magazine

2) Your house is decorated:
A. American classic color pallet with beautiful furniture and window dressings
B. Simple and functional like an IKEA catalog
C. Eclectically with unique artifacts from your travels, unusual colors
D. Ultra modern with bold colors and artwork
E. With crafts and things that you made

3) Your favorite book is:
A. A 19th century love story novel
B. Anything sci-fi, technical or related to your hobbies
C. Non-fiction stories of true adventurers, biographies of artists, or fantasy novels
D. Anything put out on a coffee table
E. Your 2020 scrapbook

4) Your ultimate vacation would involve:
A. Touring the historic churches of Europe
B. Theme parks or tours that take you “Behind the Scenes” of something
C. Anywhere with culture and foods you’ve never tried before
D. Shopping shopping shopping in N.Y.C. or L.A.
E. Staying at a bed and breakfast

5) Your favorite memories are of:
A. Spending time with your family
B. Remembering moments when you felt alive
C. Traveling
D. Being the center of attention
E. The cute things he’s done for you

6) You remember things by:
A. Pen on paper lists
B. Writing in a journal
C. Taking something away that reminds you
D. Telling Siri
E. Chalkboard lists

7) Your favorite shoes are:
A. Black pumps
B. Chuck Taylors
C. Waterproof sandals
D. The latest Jimmy Choos
E. Mary Janes

8) You can’t stand:
A. Disorganization
B. Things out of context
C. Things that lack history
D. Last year’s styles
E. Store-bought gifts

9) Your wedding invitations:
A. Calligraphy text with RSVP cards
B. Sent via Evite
C. Involve a treasure map and scavenger hunt
D. Delivered in Hermès leather envelopes
E. Glued the glitter on yourself

10) When you look at your wedding photos in 10 years’ time, your biggest fear is that:
A. You’ll think you looked ugly in your portraits
B. You won’t remember all the special moments
C. Your photos will be boring and unoriginal
D. Your photo album isn’t impressive
E. You let someone else put your album together


If you answered mostly:
“A”s – The test of time, please: You have a more traditional style and your wedding photography should reflect that. Choose a classic, traditional photographer that focuses on artwork, posing, and composition. You will look your best when a photographer pays attention to every detail such as your fingers, hair, dress laying just the right place, etc.

“B”s – Just the facts, ma’am: Documentary photojournalism is more your style. Your ideal photographer should spend most of their time documenting the important, humorous, emotional moments of your wedding (and should spend very little time posing you or setting up situations for photos to occur). You do your thing and they take photos. Simple.

“C”s – Intrinsically artistic: You prefer a more eclectic, artistic style of photography. Experimental techniques, a bright sun flaring in the background, soft tones, film grain, rich textures, and interesting shadows. Hire an artistic photographer and you will have a wedding album like no other.

“D”s – Slave to fashion and proud of it: Find a photographer that specializes in fashion-forward posing, lighting, and processing techniques. Look for bold, vivid colors and themes, model-inspired poses, and dramatic lighting with tons of depth.

“E”s -DIY I DO: Mason jars full of candy? Hand-curled ribbons? Chalkboards that say “Mr” and “Mrs”? Film cameras on the tables? That’s the stuff of dreams for you. Find a photographer who has a whimsical DIY style that matches your own. Your album might also be a scrapbook if you play your cards right!

Conclusion: It should be noted that many photographers offer a blend of styles and many photographers is fully capable of more than one style. For example, a traditional photographer might take candid photos in-between posed photos. Or a photojournalist might be able to take group and family portraits. If you can choose a photographer who closely matches your tastes, and who you like and trust, you are sure to end up with the amazing wedding memories that you desire.