Product Review: E-Machines Computers

Computers. Is that all there is to say? Does everyone already know how much they can do? Do you cringe at all the possibilities out there with this power at your fingertips? Boy I do. I bought an E-Machines. To the tune of $600 I got 120 GB hard drive, 512 MB RAM, a DVD+/-RW double layer burner, and a whole world of interest to write about, browse about, connect with, and share. I can email family and friends who are 875 miles away, listen to them perform, goof off, and share pictures of everything.

But you can do that too can't you? That's great. Now, what do you do about viruses? Trojans? I can tell you what I did, computer savvy as I am. I called E-Machines 23-hour-7 days a week tech support. And they DID help. Step by step, over the phone, and nothing has been more appreciated in this matter than that. My membership came with the purchase of my computer, as I am sure your tech support service has also.

Big Fix is incorporated with this as well. And naturally, Microsoft has their updates going too. But how many times have you called one of them 2 o'clock in the a.m. and gotten your problem fixed? I mean fixed, not patched. And will replace any faulty equipment, should there be any, free of charge and free of shipping. THAT was nice of them I would say. A real person, first call.

So, I am not really writing about the internet, or all the cool or unsavory things you can do with one, but about the brand of affordable technology, and my experiences with this company and their product. E-Machines went on sale at Wal-Mart for close to $1,000. That was with only 80GB of hard drive. Then newer stuff came out, and the market opened up for bigger, better, faster and naturally companies lowered their prices to compete.

Folks, you gotta take it from me. Sometimes cheaper, with a plan, can be beneficial for the time being. Even rewarding. Look at me, making money with mine. You can't beat that. You can even buy their line of CD-ROM protection software, and eliminate the need of calling them a few more times than necessary. They will keep you on their subscription plan for the first year, and I remember thinking it was quite affordable to renew it if I had a job at the time it ran out. Certainly cheaper than renewing Norton, which I also recommend.

If this computer crashed, burnt, and I was unable to use it anymore, and I went to Wal-Mart and saw this product on the shelf, I would purchase it again. Over any other they advertised. The name is all I need. I trust them completely.