Computer Review: The Dell Inspiron E1505

Computer Review: The Dell Inspiron E1505As the owner of a small business I know that my company's success is largely determined by how well my computer performs. Over the last five years I have gone through three different computers including two desktops and one notebook. The last computer that I purchased was my Dell Inspiron E1505. I selected this particular notebook because I needed a computer that was portable, and I needed a computer that was capable of handling multi-media presentations. I found these features in my Inspiron.

Specification for the Dell Inspiron E1505

While the basic specifications for this model are probably adequate to meet most people's needs, I needed to customize my computer so that it would be able to handle animation software and video editing software. I upgraded to the highest processing speed of 2.16GHz, I doubled the memory, and I added a wireless card. I also upgraded the software package to include Microsoft Office and the full version of Adobe Acrobat. In addition to the upgrades that I made to my computer Dell also included: a battery, an AC adapter, Photoshop, and a variety of other software programs.

My Experience with the Dell Inspiron E1505

The first thing that I noticed when I first set up my computer is that the picture clarity was superb. I also enjoyed the fact that I could watch a DVD on my computer while working on a data file. The Bluetooth capabilities of the Inspiron E1505 are also fantastic. I think that the wireless keyboard and mouse make this notebook a lot easier to use, especially for word processing.

While I enjoyed all of the perks offered by the Dell Inspiron E1505, I have had a few problems with my machine. The first problem is that it seems to run slower than a 2.16 GHz machine should run. Now this observation could be due to my limited experience working with a notebook, and it could also be due to the animation software that I have loaded on my machine. The second problem that I had was with the Bluetooth wireless drivers. As a result of this problem I have not been able to use my Bluetooth mouse, however, the Bluetooth keyboard works fine. This problem could be a problem with the mouse instead of a problem that the notebook has.


The Dell Inspiron E1505 retails for about $949. However, if you wait for one of Dell's great sales you can save $200 or more off the list price. I bought mine during a special promotion and actually saved about $400 off the entire package. If you have good credit you can also finance your notebook for about $23 per month. Dell also offers special discounts for small businesses, CPAs, teachers, and other professionals.

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