Cricket Habitat

Are you wondering what creature loves to chirp at night? Do you get scared upon hearing that sound, or are you amazed? What is really behind that uncanny sound? Well, if you don’t, this is the time for you to know and discover some facts about it!

The creature behind this disturbing yet amazing sound is the cricket. It may create these sounds depending on different reasons, such as looking for food or mate. However, we are going to discuss its habitat more. Let us just have a brief history of it first.

History of Crickets

History of Crickets

In ancient Japan and China, crickets were considered as pets that people kept them in cages made of bamboo or gold. They are placed beside the bed as ancient people in these countries believed that crickets bring good luck and put the owner into a sound and comfortable sleep. Nowadays, the life of crickets turned upside down. Now, they are used for sporting entertainment and gambling rather than as pets. There are called fighting crickets that are raised with a strict and special diet. Included here is the tradition of not giving the cricket food before every match. People believed that the hungrier a cricket is, the more competitive it will be to kill the enemy.

Defining a Cricket

Crickets are considered as an insect that has a dark color and long antenna on its head. This insect jumps from one place to another, looking for any food to eat, as well as a place to live. Aside from that, it loves to make chirp sounds, especially when its night time or nearly dark. This is their way to attract potential food and mate to reproduce.

Moving on, let us now move forward to the habitat of crickets.

Habitat of Crickets

During night time, you may hear sounds of chirping in the grass or woods. This sound indicates the presence of crickets around.

Crickets are known as the highly-adaptable insects that can strive in any environment. It can be found in the woods, bushes, swamps, meadows, grasslands, trees, marshes, even beaches, caves, and underground. It can also live well along roadsides, inside a house, gardens, furniture, and other else. In short, any place is a home for crickets. However, if you are going to pet some, it is highly recommended to put and let it live inside a sturdy and large container. It needs to have an effective and enough air supply, food, and water. If not done, a hungry cricket sees no hindrance to get out. It can eat and rip out a cardboard cage easily.

In terms of the food, crickets can be fed with both meat and plant materials. With that, they are included in the omnivore category of animals. Crickets can be fed with fruits and vegetables such as carrots. You only need to take carrot tops and peels as these are its favorites. In terms of the meat, crickets can also consume its fellow yet smaller insects, such as flies. It requires jumping, yet they are fast so getting food is easy for them unless lack of supply available within the habitat.