10 Best Android Apps for Editing Photos

Best Android Apps for Editing Photos

The ability to aplicaciones para editar fotos en el celular phone is absolutely essential sometimes and can make your life better, especially if you regularly take lots of photos. Luckily enough, there are many good apps to help you with that. Let’s take a look at some of the best, most popular and most effective photo editing apps for Android.

Best Android Apps for Editing Photos

Best Android Apps for Editing Photos

  1. Snapseed

positions itself as a complete, all-in-one photo editor for your mobile device. It is developed by Google. The list of features is pretty extensive and includes many different filters to transform and modify your image, add additional special effects to it. You can apply changes only to selected areas if you want to.

The benefits of the app include that fact that you don’t have to create an account, it is very easy to use, and there are a lot of excellent tools. There are also no ads so the user experience remains smooth. Some consider it to be the best Android app for pic editing, though there is much more to explore.

  1. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is an editor geared particularly towards editing selfies. It has lots of different tools to make your selfie look awesome. There are little face beautifying gimmicks, filters, special effects. You can also add stickers and text labels to your photo.

People really like all these filters that can make your face cute. Using YouCam Perfect, you can change your skin every day – each time using a different combination of filters. The selection of filters is really nice and you can easily prepare a new profile photo of yours before uploading it to a social network. However, certain features are only available to premium users.

  1. Adobe Lightroom

is a popular tool developed by Adobe. It includes many different options to adjust and customize your photos. It is particularly suited for processing raw photos. When editing a photo, you can compare the new version with the original in order to make the right adjustments. You can edit landscapes, faces, group photos. As evident from the name, there are advanced capabilities for adjusting the lights so that your photo can become more tuned and balanced.

The downsides of this app include the need to have Adobe ID and log in to the app with it.

There are also excellent applications to download android videos, such as those shown in

  1. TouchRetouch

This mobile app is rather peculiar because it is not focused on ordinary editing. Instead, it is focused on letting you remove small details from your photos. You can wipe away imperfections, pockmarks, lines, as well as entire objects, even people. TouchRetouch helps you remove unnecessary items in such a way that it becomes virtually unnoticeable, it leaves no traces.

Tinkering with your photos and removing objects from them can be pretty funny. Great when you want to remove unwanted stuff too.

  1. Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects Pro is a small, nifty tool for quickly editing your mobile photos while giving them a professional or exotic appearance. The app is easy to use and there are some nice filters and effects that other apps lack. There are some unique filters like the one that turns your photo into a work of art and exquisite painting effects. You can leave notes on your photos as well, even write with your finger. Overall, the app is pretty nice to play with.

  1. Fotor Photo Editor

This Android app is pretty unique in several ways. It provides not only rich editing capabilities, but also offers you the chance to monetize your photos by periodically holding contests and events for you. By joining PxBee, monetizing your photos becomes easy – they will appear in web and media publications, etc.

The selection of filters and effects is nice. You can stylize your photo as vintage, film or kaleidoscope, you can make small gentle changes to your photos as well as big, massive ones. The app is pretty vibrant and creative overall.

  1. AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor

AirBrush is a comprehensive photo editor for Android with lots of handy tools for editing and improving your photos. You can instantly remove pimples and blemishes, add blush to the face, whiten the teeth, brighten the eyes and much more. The app is heavily focused on improving facial features, and it’s pretty good at that. You can also make parts of your photo more slim or more lengthy. There are a bunch of artistic and natural filters to give your pics a different outlook.

  1. Photo Lab Picture Editor

If you want to edit your face using as many different filters as possible, then Photo Lab Picture Editor is just for you. The app is very creative, it lets you enhance and modify your photos in different artistic ways and give them a unique, vivid touch. The total number of visual effects in this app exceeds 900, which is quite impressive. There is also the option of immediately sharing your photo on WhatsApp or Instagram.

Overall, the app is amazing and it’s very much recommended for editing faces in a creative, artsy way. If you’re looking for the best android app for pic editing, it is one of them.

  1. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is a comprehensive photo and video editor for Android that comes along with a lot of advanced features and options. No professional experience is required, however: you can instantly start creating collages with your photos, adding doodles to your pics, mixing it all with colorful fonts and backgrounds. Finally, there are amazing Beautify tools for changing hair color, adding or changing makeup, and more.

The stickers in this app are absolutely great and people seem to really love them.

  1. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a very versatile photo editor. This app lets you use your imagination for editing your photos. There are so many different styles and effects to play with that you won’t be bored. You won’t miss basic, essential editing capabilities too: it’s very easy to do things like removing the noise or fixing the lighting.

PhotoDirector is a real gem if you’re looking for a good all-in-one solution. It makes photo editing easy and fun, and you can do all kinds of things.