Day: September 16, 2017

Sigma 40mm f 1.4 dg hsm art lens review – Are they the best performing f 1.4 lenses?

If you’re a photographer or a videographer, you want a camera with a great lens that can capture every tiny detail in your photographs and be able to bring it out clearly. The sigma 40mm f 1.4 dg hsm art lens review will help you understand why you need this particular lens.

Sigma lenses have always been better preferred by both professional and amateur photographers and their recent art lens series has put it at the top of their game. Their optical performance has met and exceeded lenses that are being manufactured by most of the top camera companies. The sigma 40mm f 1.4 dg hsm art lens has a slightly wide angle of 40mm which delivers impressive image quality with a unique focal length that will fascinate you. If you don’t mind the extra size and weight, this is a great lens to have.

What to expect from sigma 40mm f 1.4 dg hsm art lens

The sigma 40mm f 1.4 dg hsm art lens has quite impressive aesthetics and build quality. For a prime lens and one with a mid-range focal length, you will be surprised by its size and weight. But, according to its lens’ class, its size and weight are big and heavy, but not that big overall and still quite comfortable to use. The sigma 40mm f 1.4 dg hsm art lens has an optical path and lens elements that are quite similar to what other Art lenses offer, while its gear-based focusing and all-metal construction makes it perfect for video.

This lens will give you the most amazing photographs you’ve ever seen. With such superior sharpness, this lens doesn’t come cheap. It’s not exactly designed for entry-level photographers, but for someone who doesn’t want to compromise on optical performance and for this you get lenses that are big, heavy, and expensive and not exactly the kind of lens you would carry like a casual camera when going out.

What are the key features?

Image quality

The sigma 40mm f 1.4 dg hsm art lens has an extremely high sharpness right from full aperture which is not only from the middle of the image but from every corner. This sharpness remains constant throughout the entire aperture range. These are rare lenses that allow you to choose the aperture because you’re looking for certain corresponding shutter speed or depth of field. Apart from the high sharpness, you also find there are almost no chromatic aberrations that give you very nice picture quality. The 40mm focal length on this lens can easily create a very strong background blur.


According to Sigma, the sigma 40mm f 1.4 dg hsm art lens has a unique lens among the Art series with a quality that puts it on a level playing field with other lenses in its class. This camera has a hefty lens that is almost 88mm in diameter and 131mm long with a filter size of 82mm and a weight of not less than 1200gms. These may not be the first lens you pick if you’re going on holiday or taking documentary photographs unless you’re looking for optical perfection in every shot. You can use this lens in most circumstances as it’s built with gaskets to keep out moisture and dust. The optical design has 16 elements in 12 groups and the various lens elements are made with special glass.

The special coating in the front lens protects the lens from grease and dirt that can easily stick on the glass. The wide focus ring and a window that shows you the set distance can help you …